Enterprise Brink's Recycler

Brink's Recycler

As part of the Brink's Complete Enterprise solution, the Brink's Recycler is a powerful addition to your back office operations and can provide significant efficiencies when starting and ending each shift.

Brink's Recyclers

Available with a Brink’s Complete for Enterprise Retail subscription, this back‑office device is ideal for large cash volume retailers and business where security and process optimization matter the most.

Reduce Labor Costs

Automated till dispensing provides efficiencies when starting and closing shifts while eliminating counting errors and shrinkage.

Optimize Working capital

This device has recycling and depository options, allowing you to deposit surplus cash into your account daily.

Increase Productivity

Eliminate all daily tasks from counting, managing till content, reconciliation and reporting in‑store cash, which allows the staff to be deployed into higher value activities.


  • Total capacity 16,400 notes
  • Deposit up to 4,600 notes


  • Brink's Recycler device
  • Power cable
  • Anchoring hardware


  • Height: 41” (Cash device)
  • Width: 21” (Cash device)
  • Depth: 37” (Cash device)
  • Note Deposit Speed: 600 notes/minute


  • UL 291 (24-Hour Level-1)
  • AES 256 encryption
  • SSO 24SEVEN access


All devices are powered by high-speed cellular connectivity. Secondary Ethernet connectivity is available for areas without a sufficient cellular signal, as determined by Brink's.

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